Contego Segment Hunter #1: Gert Heyns takes on Bloemslang

Contego Segment Hunter #1: Gert Heyns takes on Bloemslang

We’re excited to launch the first episode of our online video series Contego Segment Hunter. The first segment in the series is Bloemslang – Just the Drop at Bloemendal Wine Estate. After consulting with the team and local riders, Gert Heyns was selected a worthy challenger to Louis Bresler-Knipe’s King of the Mountain. Watch the video below to see if Gert takes the KOM.


Gert never rests. Even while celebrating with a wheelie, he’s on the lookout for more KOMs to claim.


Our victorious Contego Segment Hunter heroes ride off into the sunset.

The Bloemslang – Just the Drop leaderboard:

While Gert Heyns sits on the top spot, it is unlikely that previous KOM holder and local rider Louis Bresler-Knipe will allow it to stand without a fight.


Nominate your favourite segment to feature in future episodes of Contego Segment Hunter:

We’re looking for you to nominate your favourite Strava segments to be featured in our Contego Segment Hunter video series. If your segment is chosen you could win a Cadence Nutrition hamper valued at R2,620.

You can nominate your segments here.



Contego Segment Hunter Episode 1 Preview: Bloemslang – Just the Drop

Contego Segment Hunter Episode 1 Preview: Bloemslang – Just the Drop

We’re excited to reveal the first segment in our new online video series titled ‘Contego Segment Hunter’. As the name suggests the series is all about Strava Segments. We’ll be looking for the gnarliest, toughest or just plain coolest sections of road, dirt or trail to unleash our chosen challenger on.

For the first challenge we’ve selected Bloemslang – Just the Drop on the Bloemendal Wines trails. Our host, Ollie Munnik (aka. Pinner), met up with the current KOM holder, Louis-Bresler Knipe, to show what lies ahead for our first Contego Segment Hunter challenger.

Watch Ollie Munnik and Louis-Bresler Knipe take on Bloemslang – Just the Drop here:

What next?

We’ve found a challenger brave enough to take on Louis-Bresler Knipe’s KOM in our first Contego Segment Hunter episode which will be aired on 23 May 2016. In the meantime, get out there and ride Bloemslang – Just the Drop. Take on the challenge yourself.

How do I ride this segment?

Bloemslang – Just the Drop is on the Bloemendal trails which are part of the larger Tygerberg MTB Club trails. The Bloemslang trail is found on the upper section of Bloemendal trails. Members of the public must purchase a day permit (or be Tygerberg MTB club members) to ride these trails. Permits can be bought at the restaurant and club house on Lower Bloemendal which is on the Tygervalley Road (M13). Permits allow access to Bloemendal, Nitida, Hillcrest and the Bloemendaaler (Upper Bloemendal). Permits cost R50 for adults and R30 for children 18 years and under.

How does it all work?

In case you missed our introductory video in April you take take a look here.

Here is a run down of the process for each episode:

  • The Segment: A suitable segment will be chosen for each episode based on your nominations.
  • The Challenger: We’ll choose a suitable challenger for the segment: A pro, an amateur or person of interest.
  • The Preview: Once we have #1 and #2 sorted the “Pinner” will take us through the segment in some detail to help you set some PBs and give a us preview of what’s to come.
  • The Episode: The final showdown. Our challenger lays it all on the line to take on the segment and bask in the glory of virtual winnings.

Prizes and Segment Nominations

You, the viewers, are a vital part of Contego Segment Hunter series and we encourage all of you to get you all involved. From entering for prizes to selecting the segments our Challengers will face.

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Grand Prize: Contego Unit Trust

At the end of the series, Contego are giving away R30,000 worth of unit trusts. All you have to do is ride your bike!

How to enter:

  • For a each episode a new segment is announced. Ollie Munnik will take you through each segment in his preview videos.
  • We then invite you to ride that segment and see how well you do. Maybe even offer our Challenger some advice and perhaps take the KOM or QOM yourself.
  • For each Contego Segment Hunter segment you ride, you will be entered into the draw to win. So if you ride all six segments during the series, you will receive six entries. If you only have time to ride just one segment, you will receive one entry for the grand prize.
  • IMPORTANT: You must record your rides on Strava and join the Contego Segment Hunter Strava club to be considered for the Grand Prize.

Nominate your segments and win with Cadence Nutrition

Attached Image: hamper.jpgLater this week we will be making a call for you to nominate segments for the first season of Contego Segment Hunter. We’re looking for a wide range of segments, including climbs, descents, or combinations of both be it on or off the road.

Each nomination that is selected to feature in an episode of Contego Segment Hunter will win a Cadence Nutrition hamper valued at R2,600.

A big thanks goes to Zeekus who nominated Bloemslang – Just the Drop and walks away with the first Cadence Nutrition hamper.

Cell C Arabella MTB Challenge Stage One yields a sprint finish

Cell C Arabella MTB Challenge Stage One yields a sprint finish

Professional mountain bikers Erik Kleinhans and Adriaan Louw were the source of much excitement during stage one of the 50km Cell C Arabella MTB Challenge in Kleinmond on Saturday, 23 April 2016.

A sprint finish was the deciding factor with Kleinhans pipping Louw to the finish in an impressive time of 02 hours 11 minutes 30 seconds. “It feels strange to win a race when I was never really in the lead,” laughs Kleinhans. “Adriaan Louw, Dylan Rebello and Stephan Senekal went full blast up the first climb, but I kept my own pace. At one stage I was round about 8th or 9th overall. I caught Stephan on a section of the route that featured rugged terrain. I managed to catch Dylan on a technical single track section, while Adriaan was caught in the last 200 meters. The route was fun. I enjoy the rougher route because it’s real mountain biking. The Cell C Arabella MTB Challenge is not just about riding your bike though, it’s about socializing. I plan to enjoy a round of golf this afternoon. To save the legs I might consider booking a golf cart.” Adriaan Louw came in second, while Dylan Rebello finished third.

Adriaan Louw was in the lead for the majority of the race, before being caught by Kleinhans in the finishing straight. “Tomorrow will probably end in another sprint,” says Louw. “I sat on the wheels at the start. At the first climb I took a gap. To test the legs I continued to push hard on the shorter climbs. Dylan came through pulling hard, but later faded. At one stage I looked over my shoulder and saw Erik working his way up. We could see the finish line when he caught me. I think the shorter two day stage races have a big future as they’re friendly for both riders and supporters. The shorter distances are also much more interesting.”




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